• What is Behavioural Optometry?

    What is Behavioural Optometry?

    Behavioural Optometry is an expanded area of optometric practice. We have a holistic approach to the treatment of vision and vision information processing problems. Functional visual efficiency is known to influence visual status. The way that you interpret what you see does not depend solely on how clear your eyesight is.
    Consideration must be given to all your visual, visual motor and visual cognitive skills. In this way your we will not only consider the remediation of any eyesight difficulties but also the benefits of prevention, protection and enhancement of your visual system in order to improve all aspects of your visual performance.

    At our practice we make sure: that the vision system has the developmental maturity, the strength and the stamina to meet every demand on it that the vision system is in harmony with all other body systems and that the outcome of the vision process satisfies in a comfortable, sustainable way, all of a person’s social and personal needs for intellectual and physical achievement.”

    Our goals:
    To prevent vision problems and eye problems from developing.
    To provide remediation or rehabilitation for vision or eye problems that have already developed (eg. eye turn, shortsightedness, visual problems of brain trauma etc)
    To develop and enhance the visual skills needed to achieve more effective visual performance in the classroom, work place, when playing sport and following recreational pursuits.

    To achieve these goals your Behavioural Optometrist may recommend:
    1.    Advice on visual hygiene techniques to prevent or reduce the possibility of eye problems developing.
    2.    Vision Therapy to enhance and develop visual skills that are poorly or inadequately developed.

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