• “I thought Visual therapy was just for kids”

    “I thought Visual therapy was just for kids”

    Fred (not his real name) struggled with dizziness, nausea and anxiety for about 4 months after having Cataract surgery and having Intra Ocular lenses fitted. He visited his General Practitioner, who mentioned that it could not necessarily be caused by his eyes. There followed many, many, many medical tests, including an MRI scan. The results all came back negative. So Fred, who was now struggling to get through his daily activities, was becoming depressed and emotional. He felt he would have to move into an ‘Old Age home’ even though he was only 59 years of age.

    He sought advice in this practice. We recommended that he come in for an evaluation as his difficulties could be addressed with visual therapy. His comment to that statement was:’ I have noticed from your website, that you give visual therapy? Is that not only for children?’

    Fred was not sure about this method, even though he was informed that ‘all ages’ who have visual difficulties can definitely work through a therapy program, with positive results. He delayed his appointment, for the best part of 4 months. But: as his anxiety, dizziness and nausea got worse, he decided to make the appointment after all.

    We noticed that he had been wearing spectacles prior to the surgery, which just happened to be of a reasonably high prescription, and following the surgery, his one eye did not require a prescription for distance, but definitely needed a prescription for near, while the other eye, was now short sighted, requiring a spectacle prescription for distance as well as for near. We also found that his eyes were not working together as a team.

    Fred started visual therapy and got his new spectacles, and within 2 weeks, his headaches had disappeared, he was not dizzy or nauseous any longer. His therapy lasted for 2 months.

    This was a life changing experience for Fred, he remains in his own home, and has started a ‘New Job’, which was his lifelong hobby: fine detailed woodwork. Well done Fred, we, at this practice, are very proud of you and the perseverance you showed when doing the visual therapy.

    An end thought to all that read this blog:

    Visual therapy is NOT a breeze through a park, it is hard work, and very uncomfortable. Most families become unhinged when doing the therapy. BUT IT WORKS. Don’t give up until the last bell falls. You will not regret it. Over the years, I have seen children that creep into a corner, to hide away, become Doctors and Lawyers and such like. These were children who were literally given no chance for life, and no child asked to be born. They are individuals each with their own personalities who need that chance in life, so please give it to them.

    Don’t write visual therapy off, because someone thinks: ‘but they can see’, a Binocular system that is not stable, or not ready to do the quantity of near range activities that we find in today’s world, will not cope at school level. However, not ALL children have these difficulties. Watch for the signs.

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