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    Many patients are aware of minute spots, circles and/or thread-like shapes that are seen in their field of vision; these are known as “Floaters”.

    These are naturally occuring deposits in the vitreous of the eye, which move about as the eye moves, i.e. they “float” in the vitreous. The floaters are opaque and as a result, light that enters the eye will not pass through something that is opaque, and a shadow forms ( the shape of the floater) on the retina resulting in them becoming obvious to the individual.

    They represent fine aggregates of vitreous protein occuring as a benign degenerative change. As such, they are more obvious with age, when one is ill or following surgery. Should there be trauma/injury to the eye, they would also increase in quantity.

    A common observation to most folks, is that when one is on leave, or relaxed there are fewer, if any floaters.

    Treatment is not necessary unless the cause is due to trauma or pathology. A comprehensive eye test will rule out the need for treatment.

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