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    A cataract can be described as a clouding of the crystalline lens within the eye, which reduces the clarity of eyesight. The development of a cataract occurs when the protein in the crystalline lens start to clump together and form a minute opaque area in the crystalline lens. This opaque area will continue to increase in size and will eventually start to hinder the patient’s ability to see clearly.

    The time for cataract formation varies between patients and may even vary between the two eyes. Age-related cataracts usually develop over time.

    The presence of a cataract can be detected when you have a complete eye examination by your local optometrist.

    The end result would be: to remove the cataract through cataract surgery and replace it with an artificial lens that is clear. This type of surgery is carried out either by local anaesthetic or by general anaesthetic (Patient and Opthalmologist Dependant).

    Risks of Cataract Surgery

    1. Cataract surgery is generally a successful surgical procedure but as in any surgical procedures, carries certain  elements of risk.
    2. Postoperative complications may occur but are extremely rare. Adhering to the ophthalmologists advice will diminish the risk of complications.

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