• Children & Screen Time Information – ACBO

    Vision Guidelines – produced by ACBO. www.acbo.org.au Children & Screen Time Information for Parents & Professionals Recommendations Scientific evidence strongly recommends that childrens’ use of computer screens, mobile phones, tablets and other devices should be limited. Excessive computer and screen use has been shown to be associated with a greater risk of developing shortsightedness as

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  • Are You or Your Children: ‘Visually at risk’?

    Are You or Your Children: ‘Visually at risk’?

    Do you notice any of the following? Watery Eyes when reading, working at a computer/cellular phone/electronic media or in sunlight? Chronic red eyes, discharges from one or both eyes or even Styes? Screwing up your eye to ‘see clearer’ when watching television or when driving in bright sunlight? Difficulty in ‘seeing clearly’ in the distance

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