• Sight / Vision: what does this mean?

    Parents often ask what the difference is between Sight and Vision: Sight:  Sight makes up a very small percentage of a person’s Visual system, approximately 8 – 10 %. The majority of Optometrists test one’s ability to see, this is referred to as your Visual Acuity which is measured as 6/6 or 20/20 acuity. South

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  • What is Behavioural Optometry?

    What is Behavioural Optometry?

    Behavioural Optometry is an expanded area of optometric practice. We have a holistic approach to the treatment of vision and vision information processing problems. Functional visual efficiency is known to influence visual status. The way that you interpret what you see does not depend solely on how clear your eyesight is. Consideration must be given

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