• Sight / Vision: what does this mean?

    Parents often ask what the difference is between Sight and Vision: Sight:  Sight makes up a very small percentage of a person’s Visual system, approximately 8 – 10 %. The majority of Optometrists test one’s ability to see, this is referred to as your Visual Acuity which is measured as 6/6 or 20/20 acuity. South

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  • “Now I can use both my eyes together!”

    “Now I can use both my eyes together!”

    Maria (not her real name) had developmental difficulties to overcome. But: as she was an only child and her parents were farming in an area, 75 kilometers away from the nearest town, her development was thought to be normal. After all, she was born by means of a Caesarean section at 38 weeks for lying

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  • “I thought Visual therapy was just for kids”

    “I thought Visual therapy was just for kids”

    Fred (not his real name) struggled with dizziness, nausea and anxiety for about 4 months after having Cataract surgery and having Intra Ocular lenses fitted. He visited his General Practitioner, who mentioned that it could not necessarily be caused by his eyes. There followed many, many, many medical tests, including an MRI scan. The results

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  • Blue Light

    Blue Light

    Blue Light in our visible Spectrum……..Something to Ponder? `Blue light’ and Ultraviolet light that is found in sunlight as well as artificial light affects us all, with respect to behaviour. It is the blue rays and UV that are given off by LED’s and fluorescent light sources in our environment, or given off from smart

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