• Are You or Your Children: ‘Visually at risk’?

    Are You or Your Children: ‘Visually at risk’?

    Do you notice any of the following?

    1. Watery Eyes when reading, working at a computer/cellular phone/electronic media or in sunlight?
    2. Chronic red eyes, discharges from one or both eyes or even Styes?
    3. Screwing up your eye to ‘see clearer’ when watching television or when driving in bright sunlight?
    4. Difficulty in ‘seeing clearly’ in the distance when driving or being a passenger in a car?
    5. One eye that turns inwards or outwards at any time, also should this happen to a younger person when they are unhappy/crying or tired?

    Do you or your children complain about any of the following?

    1. Blurring of distance or near activities, such as when driving or being a passenger in a car?
    2. Not being able to copy off a board/smart board etc.
    3. Doubling or blurring of objects being looked at?
    4. Headaches, watery or itchy eyes especially during or after reading, writing, homework, school work or electronic media use.

    Do you notice any of the following Behavioural signs?

    1. Movement of head when reading.
    2. Losing place whilst reading.
    3. Reading with help: using a finger or ruler.
    4. Reading long words but misses the short words
    5. Re-reading lines or missing lines.
    6. Avoids reading and working through homework.
    7. Covers, closes or lays on one arm in order to close an eye while working with near range activities.
    8. Makes mistakes when copying off the board/smart board.
    9. Does not complete the work in the expected time in class or when working through homework.
    10. Fidgeting, chatting easily distracted when supposed to be concentrating on the task at hand.


    Answer to all of the above:

    Have you had your or you or child’s Visual System assessed lately?

    Many of us have been overworking our visual system’s without checking the ability of the system, especially for the workload that is expected of this system in particular.

    One of the reason’s for not checking the Visual System is because there are no ‘pain sensors’ in the eyes, apart from the nerve supply to the cornea and the nerve supply to the muscles in and around the eyes.  The result is that we take it for granted that our eyes are not the problem……………….However, don’t delay, have your visual system checked today. The tiredness you feel and the blurring effects are mainly due to the Focus mechanism over working, or the Vergence system under working. These difficulties are the result of Poor Visual Skills which means your Visual system needs a ‘Service’

    At this practice, Donovan and I look at the entire Visual System, we assess ones ability to ‘see’ (sight makes up 8-10% of the Visual System) as well as  checking each Visual Skill (this area makes up 90 – 92% of the Visual System.

    Therefore: Don’t delay, have your Visual System Assessed today.


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